Hottest Apartment Amenities to Look for in 2020

Apartment pool in the cityThe competition for your apartment rental dollars is HOT! To get renters’ business, property management companies try to “wow” prospective tenants. Many rental properties try doing this by designing apartment complexes with the top amenities in the industry!

Apartments with an in-unit washer and dryer? Increasingly common nowadays. Apartments with yards? You can find them with the right apartment-locating tool. Even apartments with attached garages are starting to become a thing!

However, laundry rooms and carports aren’t enough to dazzle today’s renters. If apartment complexes genuinely want to impress, they have to take things further!

Apartment Amenities By City

Houston, TX

Depending on where you live, trending amenities will vary due to variations in weather, cultural, and legal patterns. For example, if you’re looking for luxury apartments in Houston, you might come across properties that offer:

  • Beach-style pools with private cabanas
  • Poolside grilling and entertaining areas
  • Event space with a demonstration kitchen

Considering Texas’s notoriously humid summers, it’s not surprising that many renters filter their search to include only apartments with pools!

Minneapolis, MN

If Texas is too hot for you, you may opt for a colder city like Minneapolis. Luxury apartment in the Midwest often include amenities like:

  • A movie theatre
  • Zen gardens
  • Electric firepits

With luxury amenities like these, it’s hard to let polar vortex-induced winter blues slow you down. And if they do, you can always invite some friends over for roasted marshmallows over the heat of your apartment’s electric firepit.

St. Louis, MO

If Minneapolis winters frighten you and Houston summers make your palms sweat, consider splitting the difference and moving to St. Louis, MO. In St. Louis, luxury communities like Mansions on the Plaza include a variety of amenities that you might also find in Texas and Minnesota, like a:

  • Resident library and fire pit
  • Game room featuring billiards and a 24/7 coffee bar
  • World-class fitness facilities

Kansas City, MO

Do you prefer the Royals over the Cardinals? In that case, find a new place in Kansas City, MO. You’re likely to find KC apartments with amenities that keep up with the hottest trends. For example, some luxury properties in Kansas City, MO, feature amenities like:

  • A rooftop terrace
  • Outdoor grilling stations
  • Bike storage

As we’ve seen, you can find hot apartment amenities pretty much anywhere life takes you. Renter favorites across the U.S. seem to include:

  • Resort-style pools
  • Spaces for hosting and gathering with friends such as cabanas, decks, and multi-use rooms
  • Study lounges with 24/7 printer access
  • State-of-the-art fitness centers

Finding an apartment with the right amenities is vital to smoothing out life’s otherwise bumpy transitions! Plus, these community amenities are only one of the many perks of moving from a house to an apartment!

Apartment Amenities for You!

Pet spas? Demonstration kitchens? The future of apartment amenities is fascinating, competitive, and, let’s face it, a little out of this world!

Do you know which features your next apartment community must have? Or maybe you need some inspiration? Whatever the reason, visit ApartmentSearch. There, you can filter apartments by amenities, rent prices, and neighborhoods to help you find the right mix of luxe and low-cost for you!


Can You Be Evicted If You Pay Partial Rent

Stressed woman at desk looking down at computerTimes are tough. When you find yourself struggling to scrape together enough money to pay rent, what are your options? Will you face eviction if you can’t pay all of your rent on time? While rules vary from state to state, learn what commonly happens and what landlords can and can’t do when you can pay only partial rent.

How Laws Affect Partial Rent

Laws designed to protect renters like you differ by state and even by city. Therefore, where you live might be kinder to renters or kinder to landlords. Oregon is considered a more renter-friendly state, while Texas is regarded as a more landlord-friendly state. Let’s look at how these two states treat the issue of paying partial rent.

According to Law Server, under Oregon law, a landlord can accept a partial rent payment. If an Oregon landlord tries to evict you for nonpayment of rent, you may stand a better chance of avoiding eviction if you’ve made a partial payment. In some cases, the landlord loses the right to evict you for nonpayment of rent if they’ve accepted a partial payment.

However, as reported by Oregon Law Help, landlords in OR do not have to accept partial payments as long they issue:

  • A 72-hour notice to pay rent or move out once monthly rent is at least seven days overdue.
  • A 144-hour notice to pay monthly rent or move out after your rent is at least four days overdue.
  • A 72-hour notice to pay week-to-week rent or move out after your rent is at least four days overdue.

A landlord in Oregon is not required to accept a partial rent payment during one of these notice periods.

On the other hand, according to Texas Eviction, a landlord in the lone star state can evict a renter if they pay only partial rent. However, advocates for landlords advise them not to accept partial rent at all because it might weaken their eviction case. Instead, it’s suggested that Texas landlords accept only full rent payments from tenants. If a Texas landlord has issued a 14-day notice to either pay rent in full or face eviction, they do not have to accept a partial payment during those 14 days.

The bottom line is that if you’re a renter in Texas, it might be more challenging to make a partial rent payment and remain where you live than it is in Oregon.

(Keep in mind that many states and cities changed rules about partial payment of rent during the coronavirus pandemic so tenants could avoid eviction.)

How to Ask a Landlord About Partial Rent Payments

Ignoring the fact that you can’t make a full rent payment won’t make the problem go away. It’s best to be honest with your landlord about your situation and try to work out a solution.

“A landlord who considers you a good tenant won’t want to lose you, since it’s often difficult and expensive to evict you, then find and move in good tenants. This means you can probably get the landlord to accept a portion of the rent now — maybe even a small portion — and the rest later,” according to legal website

If you find yourself unable to make a full rent payment, suggests that you:

  • Offer to make a partial payment in writing.
  • Explain your situation and emphasize (if you can) that the problem is only temporary.
  • Assure your landlord, in writing, that you can pay the full rent by a specific date. Be sure to honor that deadline.
  • Commit, if you can, to making full rent payments in the future.
  • Agree to pay late fees if such fees are mandated in your lease.

Find Apartment in Your Price Range

Whether you’re dealing with a limited budget, a prior eviction, or both — there’s an apartment for you! Use ApartmentSearch to filter available units by rent price, amenities, and more to help you zero-in on your next home.